Clarification on oxygen delivery for COVID-19 Patient

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I just have a question in regards to oxygen treatment. With the recent memorandum it states that in all cases high flow oxygen delivery should be avoided unless via ETT/SGA. Does this mean we are no longer able to use a BVM for a patient who is severely short of breath when a high concentration/low flow masks with a submicron filter is no longer able to maintain an appropriate 02 saturation level?


According to the memorandum released on April 3rd 2020 regarding considerations for Paramedics Managing Patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic, it states to CONSIDER witholding manual ventilation in any spontaneously breathing patient; instead IN ALL CASES where adult patients require high concentration oxygen, use high concentration/low flow masks with a hydrophobic submicron filter. Therefore, you are correct, you should not utilize a BVM despite the 02 saturation levels as this increases the risk of aerosolization of the virus to the Paramedics. Additionally, patients with COVID-19 may not respond to oxygen therapy, and therefore their 02 saturation levels may not increase.