Clarification on COVID-19 memorandum on Treatment Considerations

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As per the new amendments that came out today are we with-holding CPAP (in all cases) including those who screen negative for COVID-19 assuming that they could still be a positive case?

Some clarification is required.


Thank you for your question regarding the use of CPAP usage during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Ontario Base Hospital Group Medical Advisory Committee recently released a Memorandum on March 20, 2020 providing paramedic’s with direction when treating ALL patients who are experiencing respiratory distress. Given that these specified interventions may result in the aerosolization of the COVID-19 virus and place paramedics, other healthcare workers and patients at undue risk for transmission, paramedics are asked to withhold the use of CPAP in ALL cases during the current pandemic regardless of the findings of the COVID-19 screening tool.