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Analgesia Medical Directive Question


As you have stated, to meet the analgesia medical directives condition, the patient must have ‘pain’. To answer your questions, yes, all types of pain can be considered for the analgesia medical directive if the condition is met and not contraindicated, such as ischemic chest pain.
You have also asked if someone with other types of visceral pain such as abdominal, appendicitis, or pancreatitis meet this directive. The answer is yes.
In summary, it is your clinical evaluation to determine if the patient meets the analgesia medical directive. They don’t strictly need traumatic pain to qualify.
To answer the remainder of your questions, yes a person with traumatic rib, neck, and back injuries qualifies as does someone with a headache or migraine.
If you have a better understanding of the pharmacology of the analgesia medication you can provide including its pharmacokinetics, pharmcodynamics, benefits and adverse effects, this will assist you in making an appropriate treatment plan.